The Best Tripod To Lean On

Who wants to lug around a bulky, expensive tripod while taking photographs? *Crickets* We feel the same way! We want to have the best support for our cameras but we also don't want it to take up all of our extra space (and extra money), especially when traveling. After trying out many different tripods we have found one we want to lean on!

Have you heard of MeFOTO tripods? They come in a variety of sizes and models and we have found it to be the best tripod to lean on for every photographic need. They are so sturdy that the majority of their models can support a full-frame DSLR even with a telephoto lens while still being very lightweight. Many versions even convert to a monopod for you to lean on yourself when traveling or hiking! ;) Depending on your model of choice, most of the tripods are just over $100 which is a great price for such a sturdy piece of equipment!

Photography Adventure Workshop Tour in Iceland

They are super quick to assemble and disassemble which makes it great for moving around quickly especially when traveling. Take a look at this quick video below of Christopher Balmer demoing how to assemble the tripod while teaching a workshop at the 3rd annual Yellowstone Symposium May of 2019.

Let us know your experiences with tripods and if you get the chance to try out MeFOTO! We have many colors and models for your to choose from in both our Idaho Falls and West Yellowstone store locations. We hope you'll benefit from the best quality and price MeFOTO has to offer just as we have in our own shooting. Happy leaning! :)

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