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Are you planning a trip to Yellowstone for this summer? We have some good news for you! The Yellowstone Camera Store located in West Yellowstone has a variety of equipment for you to try out in the store, rent for 1-7 days, and purchase if you love it! We have a variety of equipment to help you have the best vacation in Yellowstone and capture your favorite memories with your friends and family!

We have lenses for Nikon and Canon mounts to capture all of Yellowstone's beautiful landscapes to all species of wildlife. We also have different types of binoculars to see all the animals in their natural habitat while maintaining a safe distance.

Scroll through the following images to see the equipment up close. You can also visit the Equipment Rental page on our new website.


  • 150-600mm - Don't worry about needing to stay 25-100 yards away from the animals in Yellowstone National Park when you have this ultra-telephoto lens because you'll be able to get up close and personal while standing in safety. The internal VC (vibration compensation) works great to minimize blurriness from camera movement. There is even a flex-zoom lock feature which prevents your zoom from extending while taking pictures. 

  • 70-200mm - This lens provides high-quality images with enhanced bokeh (background blur). It also ensures optimum resolution throughout the zoom by eliminating chromatic aberrations and unwanted reflections. The internal VC (vibration compensation) works great to minimize blurriness from camera movement. 

  • 15-30mm - Welcome to the high-speed ultra-wide-angle zoom lens. Tamron's engineering has further minimized the distortion and chromatic aberration that occurs with wide-angle shooting. It also includes a new AX (Anti-reflection expand) coating that covers the entire convex surface in order to minimize ghosting and provide an outstanding image quality.

  • 100-400mm - Here is another ultra-telephoto zoom lens to help you capture quick movement quickly and easily. The barrel is primarily made of magnesium which makes this lens the lightest zoom in the ultra-telephoto category which helps you to hold your camera up longer to get the perfect shot!

  • 18-400mm - You'll want to get your hands on one of these extremely cool lenses! This is the worlds first ultra-telephoto all-in-one zoom lens. It brings distant objects/subjects closer while still maintaining a clear, correct perspective through flattening effects. This lens can capture everything from moving animals to beautiful landscapes.

  • 90mm Macro - This lens has a superior optical performance with quick VC (vibration compensation) functionality that makes shooting from macro to infinity stable and reliable. Moisture-proof and dust-resistant features have been implemented to prevent the intrusion of water and dust. Get up close and find a new perspective with this amazing lens. 


  • Diamondback 8 X 42 - These full-sized binoculars give you an ultra-wide field of view to appreciate spectacular views and spot various animals while exploring Yellowstone National Park. Water and fog proof.

  • Diamondback 20-60 X 80 - This spotting scope offers angled viewing with a 20-60 magnification to provide a close up bright images with great color transmission. Water and fog proof.

  • Viper 12 X 50 - This wider field and angle of view allows for a broader view. Lightweight and impact-resistant with fully multi-coated optics. Also very comfortable for a variety of users. Water and fog proof.

Currently, equipment rentals are available for local pick up only at the Yellowstone Camera Store located at 16 N Canyon Street in West Yellowstone, Montana. Please call the store at (406) 646-5191 for more details on pricing and rental availability for each piece of equipment!

We also have some MeFOTO tripods that you can put your camera on right in the store for you to try out! Also, check out our last blog post about the MeFOTO tripods to learn more about why they are our tripod of choice.

Let us help you take the stress off of worrying if you have the right equipment for your trip to Yellowstone. We hope by trying out various lenses and binoculars you will better know what to add to your own equipment in the future! Let us know what other lenses you would be interested in renting so we can add to our current rental inventory for the Yellowstone Camera Store. Happy renting! :)

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